Accelerating IoT Businesses. Telkom Indonesia is Aiming to Sets out on Steep Road as 'Telco-Tech Hybrid'

The challenges faced in developing the IoT business today are a challenging-complex process for implementing IoT technology.

Telkom IoT is Supported by LoRa 920-923 MHz Long Range Technology

The implementation of digitalization that has been carried out by Telkom is to support the digitalization of Indonesia, one of the focuses is the use of IoT.

Expanding IoT Infrastructure, Telkom Collaborate with Global Players

In order to expand the Internet of Things (IoT) network infrastructure in Indonesia, Telkom collaborates with the Dutch IoT company Everynet BV.

Telkom and PERPAMSI : The Digitalization of PDAMs in Indonesia

In collaboration with PDAM Bandung Regency, Telkom held a trial for the implementation of the Smart Metering digital solution in Cimahi, Friday (18/9).

Telkom IoT Reach Papua

PT Telkom's Internet of Things (IoT) services are increasingly in demand , even reaching Papua. According to PT Telkom's IoT Platform Tribe Leader, I Ketut Agung Enriko, on February 18-20, his party installed Public Street Lighting Smart (PJU) at 5 points in the capital of Papua Province.