Telkom and PERPAMSI : The Digitalization of PDAMs in Indonesia

PT Telkom Indonesia is working with PDAM Bandung Regency in implementing digitization through an integrated billing system, centralized database, and water management dashboard. The collaboration is said to be in accordance with Telkom's commitment to support innovations that appear to be increasingly appearing in the midst of a pandemic. As a state-owned company engaged in telecommunications, Telkom strives to contribute by utilizing its technology so that these innovations can benefit the community.

The trial for the implementation of the Smart Metering solution from Telkom was carried out at the Tirta Raharja Drinking Water Treatment Center, Cipageran, Cimahi, West Java. The trial was witnessed by the Director of Enterprise & Business Service Telkom, Edi Witjara, the Board of Directors of Perumda Tirta Raharja, and the board of the DPP Association of Indonesian Drinking Water Companies (PERPAMSI) on Friday (18/9).

Perumda President Director Tirta Raharja as well as the General Chairperson of PERPAMSI, Rudie Kusmayadi said he welcomed the Smart Metering solution for water management. He hopes that not only in Tirta Raharja, the implementation can be carried out in all PDAM members of PERPAMSI throughout Indonesia.


"Perumda Tirta Raharja is testing an IoT-based Smart Metering technology from Telkom and the results are very satisfying," said Rudi, pointing to a screen dashboard that displays various data related to integrated water treatment.

After watching the trial, Telkom's Director of Enterprise & Business Service, Edi Witjara, emphasized his commitment to support the implementation of IoT-based Smart Metering. He added that currently Telkom has also successfully tested the full implementation (proof of concept) at PDAM Tirta Benteng Tangerang.

Telkom mengadakan uji coba implementasi Smart Metering

Telkom In collaboration with PDAM Bandung Regency, Telkom held a trial for the implementation of the Smart Metering digital solution in Cimahi, Friday (18/9). 


"Telkom is committed to supporting PERPAMSI's innovation in terms of the use of Smart Metering. We have prepared various Smart Metering solutions that use the LoRaWan network and the Antares platform, to ensure the reliability of these solutions. Even this solution can also be used for other utility services, such as gas and electricity," said Edi who was accompanied by Executive Vice President of Telkom Business Service Division Syaifudin and Executive Vice President of Telkom Regional III West Java Area Mohamad Khamdan.

PERPAMSI is an organization for drinking water companies (PDAM) throughout Indonesia which also brings together agencies / institutions that are closely related to the drinking water sector, such as the Ministry of PUPR, Bappenas, and donor agencies for PDAM. The number of PDAMs that are members of PERPAMSI is currently 427 PDAMs, scattered in almost every city / district in Indonesia. In accordance with its mission, PERPAMSI has a strategic function in encouraging PDAMs to achieve superior performance.

PERPAMSI hopes that through Telkom's cooperation, which includes connectivity-based services, managed solutions such as smart meters, leak detector systems, fraud prevention, water quality monitoring and command centers, it will be able to encourage PDAMs to become more efficient, advanced and modern companies.



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