Telkom IoT is Supported by LoRa 920-923 MHz Long Range Technology

JAKARTA - Digitalization in all lines of life is inevitable. Telkom has a variety of IoT solutions for a variety of different uses.

Starting from digitizing buildings, industries, areas, ecosystems to cities, it does not escape Telkom's digitization mission.

In the Smart Utility Webinar activity organized by the University of Indonesia on Thursday, December 17, 2020 with the theme "Accelerating Indonesia's Digitalization with Cheap and Reliable Connectivity-Based Smart Utilities", Director of Enterprise & Business Services of PT Telkom Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) Edi Witjara conveyed several examples of digitalization implementation that had been carried out by Telkom to support the digitalization of Indonesia, where one of the focuses was the use of IoT.

"The potential for implementing digitalization through IoT is very much. It does not only cover operations, but also productivity efficiency, better service quality, as well as easier accessibility," added Edi.

The potential in question, one of which is the UMKM. It is said, of the 63 million MSMEs in Indonesia, only 50 percent have adopted digital technology.

In fact, it is certain that MSMEs can contribute 61 percent to the country's per capita income.

As for industry, all industrial lines have great potential. For example, the agricultural industry, where IoT can target 40 million farmers to open access, not only market access but also increased production using IoT.

For the agricultural industry, Telkom has a Precision Farming System. LoRa (Long Range) technology enables connectivity, real-time analytics, geolocation reporting and more, such as soil, weather, plant and animal conditions. All data is collected with sensors equipped with LoRa technology. From here, farmers can get information about their land and crops, including early warning, via their mobile device or PC.

LoRa / LoRaWAN is a long-distance data transmission technology for IoT devices delivered by Telkom that saves battery life and runs on a frequency of 920-923 MHz. This technology is very reliable with high efficiency results that are used for IoT implementations.

With this LoRa service, 158 million devices have been connected to networks in 92 countries and the number continues to grow because they are used forconnectivity smart home, smart farming to smart city.

LoRa itself has a range of 5 kilometers in densely populated areas and 15 kilometers in rural areas. The power consumption is also low, allowing battery-based IoT equipment to last for more than 10 years.

Apart from Precision Farming, several other Telkom IoT solutions that use LoRa are monitoring the water depth level, for example, in a tank. The sensor will monitor the water level periodically for later analysis. If there is a tank that is short of water, filling will be done quickly through the information sent via cellphone or PC.

On the same occasion during the Smart Utility UI Webinar, Telkom Senior Executive Account Manager Meyer Silaban said that Telkom has many IoT solutions that can be used by public service providers, such as PLN, PGN and PDAM to speed up the digitization process.

"We have efficient and reliable connectivity. LoRa is one of the most efficient and inexpensive solutions that can be used. For the calculation range, per customer can be charged only IDR 2,000 to IDR 3,000 per month. can reduce costs incurred for implementing smart home devices for PLN, PGN and PDAM customers, "said Meyer.

Recently, Telkom has also collaborated with PDAM Bandung Regency to digitize the drinking water treatment center there through the Smart Metering trial. The solution used is Smart Metering using the LoRaWan network and the Antares platform, to ensure the reliability of the solution. This solution can also be used for other utility services, such as electricity and gas.

Telkom's IoT technology has also been used in several regions in Indonesia and several large companies.

Electricity Smart Meters, for example, have been used in Musi Banyuasin Regency, where 48 thousand customers can monitor electricity usage through the Smart Electric Muba application, as well as fill in tokens using the application.

No less interesting, this solution is also used for the distribution process of the Covid-19 vaccine. Telkom provides Covid Vaccine Monitoring System technology, including temperature sensors, GPS tracking, SOS and others based on IoT, to ensure vaccines are well distributed and according to procedures.

Telkom's IoT technology also supports solutions for application-based health services called My Cardio.

This service can report the results of heart examinations to a specialist in a remote way which is also equipped with auto-prediction to provide recommendations to doctors in determining the diagnosis of a patient's disease. With the k-Nearest Neighbors (kNN) algorithm, the device can make automatic recommendations that are accurate and fast. Telkom itself has also conducted trials in several areas such as Banjasari Village (10 patients), Cibubur (15 patients), Cimanggis (37 patients), and Pancoran (23 patients) with a total of 85 patients.

The quantitative evaluation resulted in an average predictive accuracy of the automatic recommendation system of 76.47%, the processing time for the automatic recommendation system was 1 second and the time performance of data transfer from the inspection location to the M2M server location was 8.97 seconds.

While the qualitative evaluation was carried out through interviews with cardiologists, the results showed that the application of My Cardio is very helpful, especially in areas where there are less cardiologists, and is beneficial for big cities where patient access to cardiologists is also constrained by doctor's practice time, and congestion in Jakarta.

Hopefully in the future, with the implementation of digitalization in all sectors, it can be a driving force for Indonesia to trigger the movement of the people's economy so that it will be able to deliver the Indonesian nation to become a better nation.



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