Expanding IoT Infrastructure, Telkom Collaborate with Global Players

It is known, the IoT platform run by Everynet, namely the Long Range Wide Area Network (LoraWAN), an open protocol adopted globally to facilitate IoT devices to communicate with each other. Everynet itself has opened branches, including in Miami, London, Milan, Helsinki and Taipei, and previously allied with Nokia, AWS, American Tower and LoRa Alliance.

With this collaboration, Everynet will become a partner to invest, build and operate the national LoRaWAN network infrastructure to enable the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Indonesia.

With Everynet's neutral host and open technical architecture, as well as a wholesale business model, Everynet CEO Lawrence Latham assesses that the collaboration between the two allows all MNOs, ASPs, MSP & ISPs in Indonesia to offer strong LoRaWAN IoT services that are low cost but fast to earn revenue.

"The service will enable end users to collect large amounts of data generated by IoT sensors, which will help make fast and precise decisions on many aspects of Indonesia's economic and social life," he continued.

Director of Digital Business Telkom, Fajrin Rasyid, said that the collaboration between the two companies is considered relevant to the current pandemic situation, which supports digital phenomena, such as less touch economy, in which all economic activities take place without going through face-to-face or direct physical activity.

By implementing IoT, said Fajrin, besides supporting the movement of the economy, also increasing activities carried out online. In the future, it can create a smart city as one of the foundations of Making Indonesia 4.0.

"This collaboration is part of disruptive innovation, how do we stay relevant over the times. We need to continue to make disruptive innovations before being disrupted by the industry or new companies that make Telkom's company or business irrelevant," said Fajrin in his statement.

Meanwhile, Head of Telkom IoT I Ketut Agung Enriko said the collaboration between Telkom and Everynet BV allows smart cities to expand, such as for remote infrastructure monitoring, natural disaster mitigation, health care response to COVID-19, metering and smart grids, smart lighting. , freight logistics, and others.

"Providing an IoT infrastructure with a neutral host will be a big step forward and in line with the government's intention to activate a smart city with a shared platform. With this collaboration, we are targeting all IoT players to collaborate to drive digital transformation on a large scale," said Ketut.

Moreover, he continued, Indonesia is rich in use cases that will benefit from the availability of these IoT connectivity services. Everynet itself will support all use cases with a global ecosystem and strong partner solutions that are ready to solve all these real world challenges.

"Telkom and Everynet will work proactively to develop a local ecosystem of IoT suppliers and system integrators to generate sustainable growth and advance the national economy," Enriko concluded.

Source: https://inet.detik.com/


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