Patient Site

  • • Nurse in rural clinic checks patient’s health with EKG & sphygmomanometer.

  • • EKG & sphygmo are connected to IoT gateway via USB port.

  • • IoT gateway collects the data and perform auto-diagnosis with artificial intelligent (AI).

  • • The data & information will be sent them to My Kardio platform. Nurse in rural clinic checks patient's health with EKG & sphygmomanometer. The data & information will be sent them to My Kardio Platform

Internet Cloud

My Kardio platform collects and stores the data and presents them in mobile & website app.


The doctor in the city receives the patient’s data (in the mobile & website app) and performs the diagnosis based on his/her expertise.


- Cardiovascular disease is number one killer in the world, causing 1/4 death of humans (CDC Reports, 2015)

- Bad quality of healthcare services in Indonesia, with doctor to residence ratio is 43:100,000 (MoH RI, 2015 ) Many case are unhandied property

- Medical specialist are very rare in rural areas comparing in big cities (MoH RI, 2017)

Trial result :

My Cardio has been tested in 4 location and 85 patients in sub-urban areas of Jakarta.

The Results are:

  • - Prediction accuracy: 76.47%
  • - Machine learning execution time: 1 second
  • - Transfer time from the side to server : 8.97 seconds
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