Client Site, it is a physical panic button device with only one button provided. The user needs to press the button for about 5 seconds in order to activate the panic button and send the signal to the command center.

When the panic button is pressed, it will send the ID along with its GPS location. The device should be in LoRa base station range so the LoRa signal from the device can be transmitted to the base station.


LoRaWAN Gateway or LoRa Base Station is a radio device located in a tower to receive the signal from LoRa device and send it to the server. LoRa communication typically has 99% traffic initiated from the device or called as uplink traffic, so the base stations are mostly listening to the device connections.


Network Server is a computer system based on LoRaWAN network server, which is an open source and is used as the central repository of data and various programs. The data from a base station is received and to be processed and stored in the database.

The data will be displayed in the command center, and further action will be taken. For example, the command center team will contact a contact person related to the panic button signal originated, or then send a rescue team nearest to the location of a panic button originating.