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TELKOM has the right to close and / or terminate access to the Site and / or block User accounts and / or limit the use of services by Users at any time without the need for notification if:

The user has violated the restrictions as stated in point 5 of the Prohibited Use;
The user provides false, incorrect or incomplete information about the data and information needed including the User's identity.

There is a request from law enforcement officials for the purposes of investigation in accordance with the regulations and legal provisions in force in the Republic of Indonesia.

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All User damage or loss resulting from information (including data and / or the like) provided through this Site.
Any damage or loss to any User resulting from the use of information obtained from Third Party Sites linked to this Site.


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  • Send viruses, spam, programs or other techniques on the Site;
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  • Making the Overload or crash of the Site, server or TELKOM network; and
  • Perform all other actions that may hinder and / or influence TELKOM from carrying out the operation of the Site, services and devices.


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Users may need a username, account name or password to access certain parts of the Site. Use of these features is a sign of agreement from the User to maintain the confidentiality and security of this information.

The user is responsible for all activities that occur under the username, account or password. If the confidentiality of the user's username, account or password is used by another party, the User must immediately notify TELKOM via email addressed to with the subject of the Privacy Complaint email.

TELKOM is not responsible for any losses that may be experienced by Users due to parties.

TELKOM has the right to terminate accounts or suspend accounts, as well as change user names or passwords, and request additional information from Users and take other reasonable, necessary and important actions to protect the security of the Site and Customer's accounts.

Users are prohibited from publishing security holes found on the Site or other TELKOM services to the general public without permission from TEKOM.

Users are prohibited from exploiting security holes found on the Site or other TELKOM Services for personal or group interests.



All responses, suggestions and findings that you provide regarding this site and other services are considered non-confidential. TELKOM has the right to use this information freely without limits. Customers are prohibited from misusing the findings of the Site which may affect TELKOM in carrying out the operation of the Site and other services.



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